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SfS - Smoke and Fire Safety

SfS offers complete solutions in the




and commissioning of Smoke Control Systems

The way we work with you

We make sure that at every stage we can adapt to anything that is thrown at us. This principle is at the Heart of our offer to Customers.

Our unique approach to fire safety solutions is to work alongside you from start to finish, or anywhere in between.

Foundation of our way of working is the PLAN, SHAPE, BUILD strategy. 

Where do we come from

SfS is part of Exyte Hargreaves, a British company founded in 1872, which evolved across years becoming a key player in the market of complex engineering projects (energy, transport, defense, healthcare, ...). 

SfS operates independentely as a business division, while when needed, retaining access to the key departments of the mother Company, such as BIM/CAD resources, engineering, finance, manufacturing. 

The current set up grants to SfS high independence, with the capability of absorbing workload peaks and still deliver in time.

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Thank you for taking the time to reach out to SFS for your smoke and fire enquiries. 

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